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Ovention M1718 Precision Impingement Cook Oven

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Ovention M1718 Precision Impingement Cook Oven

Cooks 28, 16" pizzas per hour

Ovention Matchbox M1718 Precision Impingement ovens save you time, energy, and money — not only in cook time and electricity, but also in labor. The Matchbox uses a proprietary technology called Auto Load and Unload. This moves the cooking surface into the cavity at the touch of a button, beginning the cook cycle. Once the cook cycle has completed, the cook surface will automatically exit the cavity. This saves four steps compared to a manual load oven, saving time and making it simpler to use.

  • Fits up to 16" pizza or a half size sheet pan
  • Grill, roast, bake, steam broil, and air fry
  • Dual touch screen holds up to 1,000 multistage recipes
  • USB port to upload and download recipes, view cook logs and diagnostics

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