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TurboChef FIRE Countertop Pizza Oven


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TurboChef FIRE Countertop Pizza Oven

The TurboChef Bullet convection oven expands menus by quickly cooking a diverse range of food items

The TurboChef FIRE countertop pizza oven accepts pizzas with a maximum diameter of 14 inches. This unit bakes fresh-dough, artisan-style pies with crispy crusts in as little as 90 seconds by maintaining a temperature of 842 degrees F, with independently controlled top and bottom heat distributed by convection motors. Aluminum pizza pans are included with this unit to hold pies while they bake. For consistent results, the control panel has six preset timer programs.

  • Electric, ventless, countertop, single deck, fits up to 14” thin /thick pizzas
  • Independent top & bottom electronic temperature control
  • (2) 14” aluminum pizza screens, stainless steel construction
  • (6) preset timers, removable bottom access panel

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