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Ventless Ovens

No Hood? No problem with Ventless Electric Oven Hoods from Peerless!

Ventless Electric Oven hoods are convenient, self-contained and compact, safe, and meet food service requirements with a triple filter system with updraft technology that ensures vapor removal

Having served the restaurant business for over 100 years, Peerless prides itself on constantly improving important aspects of cooking equipment like control systems, burner systems, interior design, and more. Ventless Electric Oven hoods from Peerless are the latest innovation that will open doors for those who can't or don't want to install expensive hood systems. Available in two sizes, Peerless Ventless Oven hoods are the next step in the evolution of commercial baking.

Peerless Ovens
Peerless 30-inch Ventless Electric Oven Hoods
Regular price $3,955.00
Peerless Ovens
Peerless 50-inch Ventless Electric Oven Hoods
Regular price $5,374.00

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