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Lincoln V2500/1346 Ventless, 50" Countertop Electric Conveyor

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Lincoln V2500/1346 Ventless, 50" Countertop Electric Conveyor Oven

Lincoln Electric Dual Voltage Conveyor Ovens cook food under jets of hot air!

The Lincoln V2500/1346 ventless countertop impinger (DCTI) electric conveyor oven is designed with innovative 1/10 hp air impingement technology to allow for rapid heating, cooking, baking, and crisping of all your customers' favorites. That's two to four times faster than conventional ovens! Plus, to further increase output, this ventless unit is stackable (other units sold separately) up to two high.

  • 20” Long Cooking Chamber
  • Stackable up to (2) High
  • Ventless design for increased flexibility and lower installation cost
  • Digital 200°–550° thermostat
  • Integrated air impingement feature for decreased cooking times
  • Push-button digital controls with four preset menu buttons

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