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Spaceman 6450-C Frozen Drink Machine

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Spaceman 6450-C Frozen Drink Machine

The Spaceman 6450-C is a 115-volt, countertop, single flavor, frozen drink machine. The 6450-C is an ideal choice for margaritas, daiquiris, and bars looking to serve frozen cocktails.

Patented freezing technology equals quick freeze and recovery times. The efficient cooling also means less energy per serving than competitors. Our single piece beater is made from a high performance thermoplastic. The updated design reduces parts and simplifies the cleaning process.

Spaceman’s patented freeze technology combined with our new V4 precision single piece beater technology means fast cleaning and the best product consistency available. The V4 system scrapes the cylinder walls with precision, and also controls the liquid flow, resulting in smaller ice crystals.



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