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Peerless CW62PSC Double Stack Gas Deck Pizza Oven


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Product Details

The Peerless CW62PSC Double Stack Gas Deck Pizza Oven offers quality, performance and value. Each oven section comes with a stainless steel front, aluminized interior, hearth decks and a one-year Parts and Labor warranty.

The CW62PSC offers exclusive features including a space saving design and 4-cell “Power-Pak” gas burner system for better distribution of heat and better baking. The CW62PSC is a double-stack oven with 2 doors each.

  • Size: Large 42” x 32” x 7” compartments w/ 1” pizza stones
  • Capacity: 5,336 sq. in. of cooking space, holds sixteen (16) 16” pizzas
  • Power: LP or Natural Gas
  • Energy-saving “Power-Pak” burner and baffle system for even heat and baking
  • Full range digital 300°–650° thermostat
  • 56” wide space saving design
  • All controls can be easily serviced and replaced

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