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Peerless 2324M Multi-Deck Mexican Gas Deck Oven

SKU: 2324M

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Product Details

Peerless 2324M Multi-deck Mexican Gas Deck Ovens are perfect for the ever growing Mexican restaurant industry. They are also the most space-saving floor model gas ovens on the market today.

As with other Peerless ovens, Peerless 2324M Multi-deck Mexican Gas Deck Ovens offer quality, performance and value. They come standard with black enameled finish, an aluminized interior, four steel decks and a 1-year Parts & Labor warranty.

  • Large Capacity: Four & eight pan models
  • Efficient energy-saving burner system
  • Aluminized Interior & Black Exterior Finish
  • LP or Natural Gas
  • Full range 300°–650° thermostat
  • All controls can be easily serviced and replaced

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