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Marsal CT302 Electric Countertop Oven

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Kiosks, convenience stores, food trucks, and others will appreciate the Marsal CT Series countertop electric pizza ovens for baking perfect pizza when space is at a premium. CT pizza ovens are available in single or double-stacked units. Marsal engineers took the designs and exclusive technologies of the successful MB & SD Series gas-fired ovens and discovered a way to provide the same power and incredible bake using electric power. Then they packaged this power within a countertop oven that provides you with the authentic performance of Marsal's traditional deck ovens.

  • 4 pizza capacity
  • Temperature range of 150° to 550°
  • Stainless steel front, top and sides
  • 2-compartment, 4-deck oven
  • 30.25” W x 29.5” D x 32.25” H
  • Individual adjustable venting system per deck
  • 4” adjustable legs

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