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Infrico 23-5/8" Glass Door Back Bar Refrigerator


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Infrico IMD-ERV15II 23-5/8" Glass Door Back Bar Refrigerator

LED interior lighting for visibility

The Infrico IMD-ERV15II bar refrigerator is compact, providing users with 5 cubic feet of cold storage in a reduced footprint that doesn't waste floor space. Since it's less than 36 inches high, this cooler won't obstruct the user's view of the surrounding area and can be accessed by users of all heights. The single hinged door is made of tempered glass, making it durable against cracking and breakage while providing onlookers with a view of the stored contents.

  • 23-5/8" W x 20-1/8" D x 35-3/4" H
  • 5 cu. ft. capacity
  • Self-closing door stays open past 95 degrees
  • LED lighting inside cabinet
  • 2 removable shelves and racks

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