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Infrico 78" Glass Top Ingredient Display Case


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Product Details

Infrico 78" Countertop Refrigerated Glass Top Ingredient Display Case

Glass top design for easy product identificaton

The interior cabinet is built with rounded corners (extensive radius for easy cleaning). Quick ability to take off shelves and slides for interior cleaning. Each cabinet has a drain at the bottom of the unit. When cleaning the unit make sure the drain hose is routed to a floor drain. All condenser units are tested in helium chambers to detect refrigerant leaks.

  • Glass top, closed in the front (facing the customer) and open in the back facing the operator)
  • 77‐7/8" long, 1.55 cu. ft. capacity
  • Lift up glass lid
  • Includes (8) 1/3 stainless steel pans
  • Digital temperature controller with automatic defrost system

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