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Bakers Pride Super Deck Options & Accessories

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Bakers Pride Super Deck Options & Accessories

The Super Deck Y-DSP Series is available with multiple options and accessories, including a stone finish

The Bakers Pride Y-DSP Series is perfect for display cooking and exhibition kitchens. This double-stacked commercial pizza oven is designed to be built in behind a decorative facade of brick, stone, or tile. Front and side skirts allow tile or stone to be easily installed around the legs, while a dome top accent finishes off the old-world look. You also have the choice to simply display theCommercial Oven in stainless steel or finish with black-powder-coated control panels and hardwood door handles for an elegant presentation.

  • Side-mounted controls
  • Steel decks in lieu of hearth stone decks
  • 150°-550° F (65°-288°C) thermostat
  • Without dome and/or without skirts
  • Set of 4 casters — two with locks (not for use with skirts)
  • Automatic oven starter

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