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Carroll Region Promo

Welcome Carroll Region OPCOs! Here is information for our current equipment promo to help you earn more and win a FREE travel voucher!

  1. The total of OPCOs equipment sales has to reach $500,000.00 to qualify for AM travel vouchers.
  2. The two (2) AM's with the highest equipment sales dollars will win a travel voucher.
  3. In the event of a tie we will use total margin dollars as the tie breaker!  
  4. Migali Money - Keep selling as your reward builds, the more you sell the more you earn, we will track the numbers of units sold by AMs. The more you sell the more you make! 
  5. Promotion Period is for 90 days ending 1/31/24.
  6. Digital Catalogs Attached.
  7. Please take the time to review the "How to earn 3%"  this is the step by step form to submit your leads. Please submit one lead per need for a quoted customer.  
  8. Approve link is an easy way to connect your customers to leasing and finance options. They are a great resource for your customers that need assistance.  



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