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Serv-Ware Planetary Dough Mixers

Built for durability, long life and excellent performance

Planetary Mixers are designed especially for heavy dough, such as those used with pizzas and bagels. Serv-Ware mixers feature heavy-duty stainless construction requiring minimal maintenance. Planetary mixing action ensures perfect results, with a simple hand lift for tool change and bowl removal. Serv-Ware units provide durability, long life and excellent performance. They are safe, easy to use and capable of a broad range of dough and food mixing applications.

Serv-Ware 10-quart Planetary Mixer
Regular price $1,348.00
Serv-Ware 20-quart Planetary Mixer
Regular price $1,747.00
Serv-Ware 30-quart Planetary Mixer
Regular price $3,366.00

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