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Marra Forni ELNP-56-43 Electric Brick Oven

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The Marra Forni Electric Model 56-43 is designed specifically to accommodate the high-volume pizza making of a true Pizzaiolo. It features a 56" wide by 42" deep deck. The dome and deck consist of refractory bricks with 6.5 inches of multi-layered insulation in the dome and 8 inches in the deck. NOTE: All models come standard with no logo, the Marra Forni logo, or your own name in the same font. Custom fonts extra.

  • Durable Proprietary Brick Deck
  • Choice of 50 tile colors available included in the price
  • Cooking Surface = 16.61 sq. ft.
  • Pizza Capacity: 8”=20-23; 10”=16-18; 12”=10-11; 16”=7-8

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