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EDGE 3860-G2 Gas Conveyor Ovens

EDGE 3270-G2 Series Gas Conveyor Ovens

EDGE 3860-G2 Series Gas Conveyor Ovens

60” x 38" baking chamber, stacks 3 high, all stainless, modulating burner and G2 Control System for precise oven configuration

EDGE 3860-G2 ovens are designed to be stacked up to three high. Each oven has a 38” wide conveyor belt and a 60” long baking chamber. The removable control can allows for simple, fast, easy removal for returning to the manufacturer for warranty, service, or upgrades. This design allows a service company, franchisor, or an independent with multiple ovens to stock one complete control that can be replaced on a failed oven quickly without any prior experience in electronics or oven troubleshooting.

The sophisticated G2 Control System features a reponsive touch screen that lets you configure the oven bake temperature, bake time, and is capable of controlling single and dual belt conveyor ovens. It can store up to 30 custom recipes, allow owners to set up a secure password to prevent tampering and ensure your baking process, and represents the next step in the evolution of pizza ovens.

EDGE 3860-1-G2 Gas Conveyor Oven
Regular price $16,047.00
EDGE 3860-2-G2 Double Stack Gas Conveyor Oven
Regular price $30,486.00
EDGE 3860-3-G2 Triple Stack Gas Conveyor Oven
Regular price $45,221.00

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