Ventless Electric Deep Fryers

AutoFry has earned the reputation as the leader in Ventless, Fully-Enclosed and Automated Deep Frying technology

AutoFry is a ventless fully automated deep-frying system with a reputation for reliability, safety and affordability that is unparalleled in the kitchen solutions industry. Every AutoFry model is fully enclosed and fully automated, making operation simple and safe for employees. The system is designed for maximum reliability and safety, with built-in fire suppression technology in every model. A sealed frying chamber allows AutoFry to operate without a hood and venting system, saving thousands of dollars in installation and operation costs.

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AutoFry MTI-5

Our Price: $7,707AutoFry MTI-5 Ventless Fryer

AutoFry MTI-10X

Our Price: $7,945AutoFry MTI-10X Ventless Fryer

AutoFry MTI-40C

Our Price: $12,051AutoFry MTI-40C Countertop Ventless Fryer

AutoFry MTI-40E

Our Price: $13,292AutoFry MTI-40E Floor Model Ventless Frlyer